The 17th Century: Gateway to the Modern World

Special Exhibition at Jamestown Settlement
November 16, 2011-August 15, 2012

The transformational impact of scientific advances, economic developments and social change found expression in this special exhibition at Jamestown Settlement organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in cooperation with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. Sixty-five objects from the VMFA collection were selected to illustrate seven themes in the exhibition.

To learn more, download the exhibition brochure or visit our “The 17th Century: Gateway to the Modern World” webpage.

Lecture by Twyla Kitts: “Captains, Monarchs, Philosophers, and Merchants: Picturing the 17th Century”

The curator of this special exhibition presents a lecture which investigates the dramatic changes in 17th-century technology and philosophy that set the stage for the modern world, using works of art from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts collection to illustrate the shifts in international alliances, economic competition and world view that are characteristic of this transitional age. Mrs. Kitts is a Literary and Teacher Programs Educator for the VMFA.