Discovering Jamestown

An Electronic Classroom Adventure for Teacher and Students

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation partnered with WHRO in 2007 to create a series of five educational videos about Jamestown. These videos explore the three different groups of people at Jamestown, the colonists’ voyage across the Atlantic, and the legacy of the settlement. Links to accompanying lesson plans and image galleries are provided below.

Episode 1: The English
Episode 2: The West Central Africans
Episode 3: The Powhatan Indians
Episode 4: Voyage to Virginia
Episode 5: Legacy

Lesson Plans:
The People of Jamestown: The English (Role Play)
The People of Jamestown: The Africans (Using the Five Themes of Geography)
The People of Jamestown: The Powhatan Indians (Categorizing Information)
Voyage to Virginia (Keeping a Journal)
Jamestown’s Legacy (Creating a Symbol)

Image Galleries:
The English (14 images)
The West Central Africans (27 images)
The Powhatan Indians (12 images)
Maps (4 images)