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About HistoryTube

When visitors come to the Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, they come as close as possible to experiencing the formation of our great country. Faithful re-enactments of early Colonial life – from our first steps into the New World to our first steps toward independence from England – are captured daily as part of our commitment to preserving American History. At HistoryTube.org, our mission expands into the digital age.

Here you will find archives of videos that offer a glimpse back in time to Colonial customs, triumphs, and hardships. You’ll learn about the many programs offered at Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown for schools and other interested groups. Whether you are a homeschooler in search of new materials for a history course or a writer researching early American history, HistoryTube.org is your portal into the lives of our forefathers.